Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Got a 730 (96%)
Q48 (82%)
V42 (95%).

Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to holidayyy now.

Update: Got 6.0 in AWA. Yey! But why is 6.0 only a 91%?


MissionGMAT said...

Awesome score. Party Time!!!

Good luck with your next steps.

sameer said...

Hey Congrats!!
I hope i too get a good score..

Anonymous said...

Congratz...Ur verbal score is really impressive, I wish I get this verbal score on test day! My date is within 4 days. Can u pls suggest me how to tackle RC?

Linda Abraham said...

Congrats! Enjoy the moment. Take a break.

Then the real work begins.

Linda Abraham

Karunya said...


Ankush said...


Congrats on a great score !
Did you practice with free tests or you got some paid ones as well ?
Can I get your email pls ?

gmat delhi said...

Hi ankush
The main free practice tests I used and will highly recommend are the GMATPrep tests...but leave them ideally for the end of your preparation...
I also bought MGMAT's SC book and so got their practice tests along with it.
My email address is gmatdelhi@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

If 100 people take GMAT, only 9 % will get 6.0 in AWA. Hence only 91 %.