Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fundamentally sound

Plan for next 1 month: Go through GMAT Math book and other math resources (from GMAT Club forum) to form a complete understanding of concepts and formulae required for GMAT. Make FCs for formulae/concepts I don't already know.
31st July: Take diagnostic test (Math & Verbal) from OG11.
27th June - Circles
28th June - part of polygons

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CP #10

GMAT Blue Quiz - Kaplan
Is a – b > 0?
(1)    a > 2b
(2)    b > a + 3
The inequality in the question stem can be manipulated so that the question reads "is a > b?"

At first glance, Statement (1) would seem to be sufficient. If a and b are both positive, and then a is certainly greater than b. But what if a and b are negative? If a = -3 and b = -2? Since -3 > -4, a would be greater than 2b; but since -2 > -3, b would be greater than a. Since Statement (1) can lead to either a yes or no answer, it is insufficient.

Manipulating the inequality in Statement (2) is more fruitful. Subtracting b and 3 from both sides gives you -3 > a-b. If that's true, then a – b is certainly less than zero. Statement (2) leads to a single, definite answer (which happens to be "no") and so is sufficient.

Kaplan Permier: Blue Quiz

Completed Kaplan Premier's Blue Quiz today. Scored an 87% overall. Got 26/30 right. Wrong - 2 CR (DOUBT IN #20 - ASK A KAPLAN INSTRUCTOR), 1 SC (idiom - as many...as) and 1 DS (ASK FRIEND!).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Speed Math: Multiplying Decimals

Went through the chapter on Multiplying Decimals. The concept is the same as any other multiplication, but one use of it is super-cool.
If you need to multiply 8 x 88, make it 8.0 x 88. Essentially, you're multiplying 80 x 88 and can just add a decimal point at the end of your answer. Super-awesome!
To Do
Hopefully will get to go through the next chapter (Multiplying Using Two Reference Numbers) today itself.
Tables upto 20!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kaplan Diagnostic Quiz & Speed Math

Work has kept me quite busy, so had left GMAT studies for sometime. It's time now.
Took the GMAT Diagnositc Quiz on Kaplan Premier's online companion. Scored 89% - 34 / 38 were correct answers. Got 1 wrong each in DS, PS, RC and CR. It was untimed.
To Do
While reviewing, there is 1 DS question I could not understand - will ask a friend - also, need to put it as a CP.
Another DS question took too long - must review that.
RC Strategy
In RC, writing what the para is talking about as short notes helps me. It's a PR method, but it seems to be working. It doesn't work in those passages where I have literally been unable to comprehend the meaning. To reduce the probability of that happening, I need to start taking out time to read (I used to be a voracious reader till time constrains brought my reading time down to near negligible). I also need to work on my vocab - I have Word Power Made Easy (WPME) by Norman Lewis. Maybe I should revisit it.
Speed Math
Have also been learning calculation shortcuts from Bill Handley's Speed Mathematics. It's actually quite fun and I've done a few chapters.
To Do
Do the chapter on decimal multiplication. Practise calculations.