Friday, June 11, 2010

Kaplan Diagnostic Quiz & Speed Math

Work has kept me quite busy, so had left GMAT studies for sometime. It's time now.
Took the GMAT Diagnositc Quiz on Kaplan Premier's online companion. Scored 89% - 34 / 38 were correct answers. Got 1 wrong each in DS, PS, RC and CR. It was untimed.
To Do
While reviewing, there is 1 DS question I could not understand - will ask a friend - also, need to put it as a CP.
Another DS question took too long - must review that.
RC Strategy
In RC, writing what the para is talking about as short notes helps me. It's a PR method, but it seems to be working. It doesn't work in those passages where I have literally been unable to comprehend the meaning. To reduce the probability of that happening, I need to start taking out time to read (I used to be a voracious reader till time constrains brought my reading time down to near negligible). I also need to work on my vocab - I have Word Power Made Easy (WPME) by Norman Lewis. Maybe I should revisit it.
Speed Math
Have also been learning calculation shortcuts from Bill Handley's Speed Mathematics. It's actually quite fun and I've done a few chapters.
To Do
Do the chapter on decimal multiplication. Practise calculations.

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