Sunday, September 27, 2009

Important links

Ok, so I'm having loads of trouble copy pasting previous posts, and now even the links from the MS Word document I saved! :-(
Anyway, here are the most important links I've found for the GMAT over a 1.5 month period:-

  1. All free GMAT resources on Manhattan GMAT including Math theory notes and FLASHCARDS (Print AND online version!)
  2. Mental Math practice: GMAT Hacks (I think this is too basic for any Indian, esp one who's already studied for CAT before) and Gmatix (WOW! Killer site for improving calculation speed. A math calculation gym, literally!!!)
  3. Platinum GMAT's Math theory notes (pretty good website for basic understanding of math concepts, and their questions are pretty find for a basic level; not good enough review for geometry though)
  4. More Math concept building sites: Purple Math , Paul's Online Math Notes and Novapress GMAT Math 
  5. Test Prep Preview - gives you questions on topic to help asses your weakness, and then directs you to resources to help build on that topic 
  6. LearnHub's lessons on GMAT theory (their math lesson on geometry sucks, there's nothing there...good site for other stuff though)
  7. GMAT Grammar theory
  8. Worksheet for math formulas
  9. Very Basic Math Review (with very basic diagnostic, and basic concepts and problems)
  10. RicksMath's Geometry Review
  11. Geometry formula practice sheet by saruba on GMATClub :)
  12. GMAT Math book - a GMATClub Open Project (I have gone through a couple of chapters, and it really is brilliant)
  13. GMAT Grammar Book by the one and only GMATClub!
 PREPARATION (Practice Questions)
  1. How to do practice problems: GMAT Hacks & MGMAT way
  2. GMAT Timer (I love this thing!)
  3. Weekly GMAT Question: MGMAT (these are good questions, claimed to be 700+ level; a tip: save questions you found challenging with the answers, because they won't be available once the week has gone by!) & ScoreChase
  4. GMAT Quant question of the day: GMAT Quant blog , TakeGMAT , GMATHacks (good questions) , GMATClub (NEW)
  5. Question Challenges from Kaplan
  6. GMAT Club's Math & Verbal tests (need to register to access them)
  7. GMAT Challenge Quiz collection at GMATClub
  8. WinningPrep's Free GMAT Verbal & Math test
  1. 790 on GMAT post!
  2. 770 GMAT blogger 
  3. GMAT Wings' 12 week study plan
  4. GMATClub's Math collection - this is for Math Prep: theory & questions!!!
  5. Beat The GMAT's 60-Day Study Plan
  1. MGMAT free test
  2. Veritas Prep free test
  3. GMATClub's diagnostic test (go here to find GMATClub's list of all GMAT tests, including paid ones)
  4. Platinum GMAT's free prac test
I'll keep adding more as and when I find them. I haven't gone through ALL of the above links in detail so I'll update this list with my comments as I go through it. Your own experiences/ratings/opinions are also welcome! :-)

Till then...
Continue believing!

Note: I will make the new additions to the list bold so that you can keep a check on the latest updates. New comments on tested links will be made italic.

UPDATE: 2015 is here, and I'm going to go through this list and update it soon. In the meantime, here's a mini (looks like it's going to be) useful set of links - 
  • this link on Beat The GMAT's Avengers Guide looks seriously useful. Must check it out.
  • get BTG flashcards here.
  • And of course, this resource list by BTG is amazing.
  • gmat club's premium membership


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Also, wanted to add 2 more free tests from GMAT Club to your list:

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