Friday, October 2, 2009

A little behind / Study Schedule - the big picture

So yes, I have been horrible. I didn't study yesterday (friend's birthday), and today being a holiday, I've been out all morning, and been glued to the television since. And I'm going to leave soon to meet my niece and nephew! They're too cute! :-)
Of course, I'll still study a certain amount today. Which is why I'm writing to update you on how my GMAT prep is coming along.
Firstly, I read about a GMAT experience which made me think my original plan was pretty good. So, this is the revised study plan:
1. Learn the concepts well from PR (done), OG11, MGMAT notes, Platinum GMAT website (links in previous post). After every topic, practice a couple of questions (untimed) for each. Initially I didn't know where to find these practice questions from. Then I realized that the MGMAT flashcards are perfect for this! You'll have to see them to understand why. I'll also do PR Bin questions & 1/4th of OG11.
2. Give diagnostic test from OG. This will help me find my weaknesses to work specifically on them.
3. Review or add more concepts to #1, and then do another 1/2 of OG11, effectively finishing 3/4th of it.
4. Give a practice test (either GMAT Prep or MGMAT?) Analyse the test.
5. Do TIMED questions now, in maybe the following order:
- 1/4 of OG 11 left.
- Kaplan Premier.
- OG12.
- Kaplan Advanced.
- Questions from other resources.
- OG 12 again.

Note: Intersperse MGMAT, Kaplan, GMAT Club diagnostic, GMATPrep other free tests whenever you feel you have learnt enough new things or learned from ur mistakes. Pick up MGMAT SC, or other concept building books as & when you feel the need to.

What I'm done with: So, I've started reading OG11 for more concept building (done with PR sometime in mid-September). Only the Word Problems section remains. But, I still need to make flashcards from my OG11 reading. And also practice from MGMAT flashcards. Will try catching up by tomorrow!

Happy studying till then!

PS. I've updated the links in the previous post, and may continue doing so over the course of my preparation. I had, however, considered myself to be ultimately cool for being the first person to ever do this. But, BeatTheGMAT beat me to it. Their list is more extensive, but does not include ALL the links I've mentioned here (like how to do practice problems, analyzing your test and mental math practice). Mine is a more personalized list of what I like and find relevant :-)

Edit: For those of you who want to look at other study plans, GMAT Club has their own here.

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