Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Plan for this week

So, Diwali's come and gone. And so have all my plans for studying. Not easy to do in the festive mood. Anyway, I finally pushed myself into completing PR Math Bin 3, and got 4-5 wrong out of 24 I think (will update with exact numbers later). That was Day 10. Have still not made an error log. Have still not taken Diagnostic. Still not done a single Practice GMAT under timed conditions. Wow, this is starting to really suck. 7 days of almost no solid GMAT prep. Yeesh! Anyway, we never lose hope. Here's the plan for the week...

Starting today...
20th, Tue - PR Bin 4 (5 qs) [Day 11]
21st, Wed - PR Bin 4 (10 qs)
(eve) make error log
22nd, Thu - PR Bin (left over qs)
(eve) error log (for morn qs)
23rd, Fri - CR from PR, few prac qs from Verbal Bin 2
(eve) 10 qs
24th, Sat - Verbal Bin 2 (complete)
(eve) Verbal Bin 3 (atleast 1/2) and error log update (if not done already)
25th, Sun - MGMAT free practice full-length timed test
(eve) analyze everything + make plan for next week

PS. At some point, might want to read up about AWA so that can answer MGMAT practice test with SOME clue!

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