Sunday, October 25, 2009

Practice Test #1 (GMATPrep #1)

 Two things I'm very proud of completing:
1. Finished CR review from PR yesterday. Finally! :)
2. Gave GMATPrep 1 a couple of hours back.
Also went through Math review from GMATPrep software and no, there was nothing new on it, which was disappointing.
Anyway, so got a 620. Which I guess isn't that bad with this amount of prep.

Verbal - 31.
Was kind of expecting more here, cos I'm usually good at verbal. And while I was doing this section, I actually felt like I was doing well. Which is why the score surprised me even more. I was afraid I won't get to finish the section, but I actually had almost 7 minutes for the last 3 questions.
Incorrect questions:
CR: 6/11...really, really bad.
RC: 3/13...but I consider it pretty damn good. 2 reasons: firstly, I'm usually scared of RC cos of my slow reading speed. But I guess it isn't that slow, and what I read from PR really helped me. Secondly, the 3 questions I got wrong were from the same RC - cos I didn't GET it! Was a science passage, but got a lil too complicated to get while trying to speed read I guess.
SC: 5/17. That's over 70% accuracy. I think it's alright.

Quant - 44.
Man, this section really sucked. I was so bloody slow. I actually ended up randomly clicking options from question number 26, all the way to question number 32. I think in about a minute or so. Seriously, I was so slow. Even out of the 25 I did answer, I got only 15 right. That's terrible. I ended up guessing on some of those 25 too! Sheesh. I need to study so much more here. Need to do lots of practice questions. Do some of my CAT stuff from last year. Some topics I def need to cover - Geometry (co-ordinate plane!), AP/GP, number properties (can try doing it from that CAT aptitude book I have, or my sister's IMS BRM, or TIME material), time,speed&distance, averages! Once I'm thorough with different types of questions, I'll have to do OG and Kaplan questions under timed conditions. Tenaday might help in this. I got pretty confused in DS questions. Wow, basically, a lot to work on.

Tomorrow morning I'm not waking up early to study. And I'm meeting a friend for dinner to help him with his CAT verbal. Hopefully I can be of some real help!

Happy studying!

PS. Just posted on's a short recap of what I've done till now, and about my areas of concern wrt first GMATPrep test. Find it here. ankurgupt was very sweet to post a quick reply to my queries, and you can find his post here. I'm definitely going to use his advice. Trying to get a hold on MGMAT CR Guide.

Day 14: MGMAT's Geometry Guide - Chapter 1 (Polygons)
Day 15: PR CR theory
Day 16: Revise RC notes from PR & give GMATPrep #1

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