Friday, October 23, 2009

Update/ Day 12 & 13

Firstly, I've updated the Important Links post with more useful sites and comments on the ones I've gone through.

I was supposed to be done with PR Math Bin 4 and making an error log by now. Done neither.

What I have done is:
(Day 12) 1. a few questions from PR Math Bin 4
(Day 13) 2. a few questions posted on a really cool BeatTheGmat thread: Problem Solving for 780+ aspirants. I realised there may be lots of geometry theorems and properties that I don't remember from last year CAT study (there were quite a few). So then i was confused about which resource to use as a comprehensive GMAT specific geometry review. Can't find one. People say use MGMAT's Geometry book, but not sure if it'll be worth Rs.1200. I guess I might have to do with knowing some extra geometry formulas. Will be looking up last year CAT notes.
3. a few questions and some theory (mainly probability and P&C) from PlatinumGMAT - it was definitely of some help.

But man, I'm really confused about what level of questions are asked at 700+ and 750+ levels. I don't mind going through my CAT Math books...but won't that be too much?!

I guess this mindset of wanting to know all the theory first - completely and thoroughly is taking me nowhere. And why I haven't done anything substantial for the last 1 week - I've been out every single night and coming back home really late. And I have to go out for dinner tonight AGAIN! Argh...and no, I can't escape it. Family dinner.

Things I should finish before Sunday morning (in the following order):
1. MGMAT Notes (mainly - Geo) (23rd Oct - TODAY! Edit: This should not take too much time, so I shouldn't worry about completing this before I go out for dinner tonight. Also go through GMATPrep's "comprehensive math review", esp the Geometry part!!! And add all the additional info to FCs)
2. PR CR theory (24th Oct morning)
3. Make error log
4. Put up questions (with solutions) that I've done (haphazardly) from BeatTheGmat, MGMAT, etc (FIGURE OUT WHERE U DID QUESTIONS FROM!!!) on this blog - make it my resource of all the questions I didn't know how to do (or make a notebook with all such "challenge questions")
5. Revise RC notes from PR

Sunday Morning : GMAT Prep (NEED to give this)

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