Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update/Day 9

Sorry for not updating earlier!

Day 6: MGMAT FCs - Word Translations (WT)
Day 7: MGMAT FCs - EIVs
Day 8: Theory (only formulas) for P&C, Interest (SI & CI), Sequences (AP,GP)
Day 9 (TODAY, 13th Oct): Just gave a 40 minute Math Diagnostic on MGMAT site. Was good! But questions were of 200-500 level. I got 19/20 questions right. The 1 I got wrong was silly - was a remainders question, and I should've just used common sense instead of trying to fit in a formula. Anyway, yay!

If I'm not too tired in the evening, I'll try doing some more from IMS BRM material on P&C...let's see.
Btw, I'm going to pay for GMAT by myself! :-) (earlier, my parents were going to)
I will be done with it by Dec end, and then...I'm going to apply to BCG, Bain & Co, and other consultancy firms in that league. I want to work there!!! I *will* work there.
GMAT studying, as you can see, is going at a slow pace, but it's consistent atleast. I want to try giving the OG11 diagnostic by this weekend (3-day weekend coming up! Yay Diwali!)

I'm off to try exercising a little before I go to office.

Happy studying!

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