Friday, October 23, 2009

A GMAT Prep software & Thomas Friedman revelation


"GMATPrep software features:

  • A 15-question practice section for each type of GMAT question, with answers and explanations for each question
  • 2 full-length computer adaptive practice tests with answers (detailed explanations of answers are not included) 
  • Accurate computing of Verbal and Quantitative scores, which you can use to judge how prepared you are for the actual GMAT exam
  • A comprehensive math review
  • Real-time scoring"
Ummm...ok. I didn't know about points 1&4. My cousin gave me the CD for this software many weeks ago! I should go through this tonight, esp the comprehensive math review part! (Edit: Added this to the last post)

On a side note...Thomas Friedman is amongst my most favourite columnists of all time. I have been hooked to his writing since I was handed a worn down "Longitudes & Attitudes" a couple of years back. And today, I discovered his NY Times column on the net! I know, I know. Not such a great discovery. But it has made me very happy! Access to his writing! I love it!

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