Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Plan of Action

Math - IMS BRMs, that CAT Math book for Number Systems, Time,Speed&Dist - TIME. Probability,P&C-tuition notes and class XI qs. Note: Make notebook of qs. u found challenging, and make FCs of new concepts. (1 week)
Once this is done, do PR Math Bin 4 under timed conditions. Then, do questions you got wrong from PR Bin 3. Note: Keep error log (different from book of tough qs from above) (3 days)
Now, give math diagnostic from ...GMATClub maybe? (1 day)
Proceed to DS qs. from TIME Material first (randomly select qs. from appropriate topics-arnd 50-60 qs) (3 days). Then, do PS qs. from OG11 - all questions (yes, you HAVE to do OG now)

Analyse what went wrong in GMATPrep, do all PR CR qs (2 days), then do MGMAT CR guide (3 days), and then do LSAT qs. (2 days) Finally, do OG11 CR qs -all of them.

Again, see what sort of problems I had on GMATPrep. Go through MGMAT SC. Do a few PR Bin 3&4 SC questions after each chapter, keep error log on qs I don't get. Do MGMAT FCs (1 week). Finally, get to OG11 SC qs. - all qs.

Do PR Bin 3&4 qs. (2 days) Then do OG11 qs. - all qs

I didn't do anything GMAT related yesterday. Updated my CV, and rearranged its format, which took about 1.5 hours! Totally worth it though. It's so much better now! Will go through wrong ans. on gmatprep today.

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