Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 21 - 25

Day 21
Did questions from PR Math Bin 4 that I got wrong, and then later reviewed the stuff I didn't get with a Math whiz of a friend. :-)

Day 22
Went through BTG's Math FC's and kept aside the ones that require review.

Day 23
So, to improve on my not so great CR accuracy on GMATPrep1, I went back to PR CR section and tried reading it again. Didn't work. Got bored. So I picked up Verbal Bin 1 and solved all CR questions in it. I got all right, obviously. Cos it was Verbal Bin 1. Anyway...

Day 24
This Friday i.e. 27th December, 2009. Went through a couple of questions on GMATHacks. Thus, the barrage of new CPs on the blog.

Day 25
Did a few more questions from the same source.

I know...I'm not doing enough. But I am now.

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