Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BoB Nominee!

Yes, I realise I have realised this very, very late! But I wasn't really around the last few months, so I'm elated NOW!
I was a Best of Blogging Nominee :)
And my blog won under the Best GMAT Preparation Advice category! Wow, this feels really good! Although, since I didn't campaign for getting any votes, I really do want to know how many votes came in. Because if I've won with a grand total of 3 votes, I'd feel silly placing any importance on the win. So, how happy should I be?

Also, I want the java script for the "BoB Nominee" or "BoB (something!)" box! Anybody?

1 comment:

Sameer @ MBA Crystal Ball said...

Der aaye durust aaye :-)

Congrats, buddy!

- Sameer
MBA Crystal Ball