Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Wrap Up The Geometry Theory Module Perfectly

Geometry theory from OG - check.
Geometry theory from GMATClub's Math book - check.
Go through FCs to drill the formulae into your brain - partially done.
Geometry theory from Kaplan - pending.
Action Plan (from BTG's 60-Day Study Guide: Day 15)
To Do:
  • In Kaplan's GMAT 2010-2011 Premier with CD-ROM:
    • Read the section on Lines and Angles (p. 293-295)
    • Answer questions 1, 3 and 4 on the Lines and Angles Practice Set (p. 296-297)
    • Read the section on Triangles (p. 299-404)
    • Complete the Triangles Practice Set (p. 305-306)
    • Read the section on Polygons (p. 306-308)
    • Complete the Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons Practice Set (p. 308-311)
    • Read the section on Circles (p. 311-314)
    • Complete the Circles Practice Set (p. 315-317)
    • Read the section on Multiple Figures (p. 317-319)
    • Complete the Multiple Figures Practice Set (p. 319-321)
    • Read the section on Solids (p. 321-324)
    • Complete the Solids Practice Set (p. 324-326)
Note: I have the 2009-10 edition, so page numbers might be different.
I have 2 days to finish this. I will go through the theory section to see if I've missed out anything. If yes, I will make a FC for it. Then I will do the practice sets. :-)

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