Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Verbal my new weakness?!

Only 2 chapters left to do from MGMAT SC Guide. Have also gone through all Math theory concept review chatpers from Kaplan Premier - mainly the practice sets. Work is also coming along at a good pace.

Am also done with putting in all my Diagnostic test answers in the error log. Difficult task to match all the question categories between different error logs available on the net. Need to work on it, so that I can accurately tell which areas are my weak points. At the moment, Strengthen & Weaken category of CR questions appears to be my weakest link. More on this later...

Now for some non-GMAT, non-MBA, non-work related stuff:
My boyfriend came back to town yesterday after a 9 day trip abroad. :-) That's probably how I've got so much studying done along with work! :-p
Saw a gorgeous top at Zara (Rs 3600) and an amazing dress at Forever New (Rs 5000+)...and I want them both! I know, I know, expensive...but...will probably get the Zara top this weeked...and the dress, won't really have any place to wear it probably won't. But it's such a pretty dress! And it fits me sooo well! *sigh*

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