Sunday, September 12, 2010

Practice Test #3...or #1? Last one was in Dec '09.

Have reviewed my diagnostic test, have some verbal doubts which I will put up on BTG or GMATClub forums to get clarity on.

Gave the free Kaplan test this morning on the net. Got a 610 (Q39 V37). Not paying too much attention to the score. Actually found the PS questions very easy, had forgotten how to solve some "types" of questions, which is why I got a few wrong. Not a big deal, will be able to solve those easily by the time the real test arrives. Finished the section with 5 minutes to spare - timing was an issue. There were 2-3 questions of the type where I know how to solve them, just couldn't recall during the test, so I spent too much time on those questions. Finally, I guessed on those questions (which ultimately meant a massive waste of time), and got tensed so I ended up doing the next few questions super fast. But, this test is not typical of the actual test at all. I'm sure of it. A million reasons why. More on that in some other post.
During Verbal, I had to guess on last 2 questions as I ran out of time. Was slow on the section as I was getting easily distracted with the extremely boring content on all the questions. What a lame excuse! :-p A more probable reason is the lack of stamina at the moment, or the fact that I just didn't want to give  a test this morning.

Just putting in my answers in the error log now...later.

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Best of luck studying for the GMAT. I am sure you will do great!

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