Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CR update

So after going through all these CR notes on the net, I tried 3 questions from OG12 (not too many left to choose from...yey!) - one of each type (S, W & A). Got the assumption question wrong, the others were right. Hmmm...going to practice slowly (i.e. identify question type, conclusion, premise(s) and imagine any linking assumptions) from my BTG account.

Wish me luck!

Edit: Tried a few BTG questions, and some other questions online...Hmmm...still not feeling satisfied, although I do have a methodical way of answering the questions now. *sigh*
I should go through other question types, and then do the remaining CR questions from OG12, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

gmat delhi said...

Hi! I went through your blog...and saw that you've also been studying for the GMAT for some time now. When are you planning on giving it?