Monday, November 22, 2010

Improving first, then moving forward.

Did not finish OG12. Reason is that I was going through my error log and realised I was getting certain types of questions consistently wrong in CR and SC - thought I should work on them. Posted it on to see if anyone could give me some tips on improving my accuracy.

For Quant, I've mainly been making silly mistakes. Also, I haven't gone through my FCs in really long so have forgotten some stuff like Compound Interest formula and how to calculate SD. Need to do that.
In addition, I've been getting Triangles questions wrong - so plan on going through this series on Triangles tricks.

Have spent most of today working on getting my basics right in CR. Will post an update soon.

GMAT love coming your way!

PS. Will take a month off from work before the GMAT because the way my work works, THIS is not going to work out! :) I've spoken to my boss and he said it'll not be an issue. So I am taking GMAT end of Jan, hopefully by 27th Jan 2011. I want to get my 800 already. :)

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