Monday, February 9, 2015

The Best Of The Blog 2009-11

This blog was a place where I used to come and talk about my GMAT worries, share the best resources I found and notes on questions and concepts I struggled with. Here are the best posts -

  1. Important Links - all the useful links I've ever found. This was last updated in 2011, and therefore needs some serious updating!
  2. A piece of advice which essentially tells me that you shouldn't even touch Official Guide (OG) questions till you've completed your learning stage of studying for the GMAT. Which basically means - get a syllabus and place and learn it first, practice from some other sources (find practice questions, get used to "pacing" and using a timer under test-like conditions), and finally - when you're ready - open OG questions. Especially don't touch Verbal before you're done studying MGMAT's Sentence Correction book (which we already own).
  3. Best flashcard advice ever, if I may say so myself. If you haven't already, download some useful flashcards first, use them, and then make your own customised ones.

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