Friday, December 4, 2009

A link to links & a big fat THANK YOU!

I've been updating my Important Links post periodically, and I didn't mention the changes because I assumed that if anyone wanted to know what was new, they'd just go to the post and find out (I change the font of new stuff to bold & italic so that it's easier to spot). However, I must make a special mention of my Important Links post today, mainly because I believe the two new links I've added might be truly awesome, so awesome that they should have an additional post about them.
1. GMATClub has launched a new GMAT Math Book Open Project, which I think is a fantastic idea. Currently, you can find DETAILED chapters on Triangles, Polygons, Probability & Combinatorics. Other topics in the book are links to Sequences & Series, Word Problems, etc. OMG!!! :-)
Edit: I've just begun going through the Triangles chapter in this, and it's unbelievable! Don't need to try looking for any another source of Math theory!!! Seriously.
2. GMATClub has also added the Question of the Day feature!
Wow, I think they should probably pay me for "advertising" this! Haha...Anyway, what I really like about sites like GMATClub is that they seem to truly want to help out students, the part about all these great *free* features being the key! That's why I like BeatTheGmat too. Just the number of helpful GMAT & MBA related articles they post daily!!! And then there's MGMAT. Although most of their stuff is paid (they're basically paid classroom tutors!), they don't behave like maniacs trying to put a price on every single piece of advice, question, or solution they provide. Go check out their forums and MBA Resources pages if you don't believe me.
I guess a big fat THANK YOU is in order for these sites and the people who contribute to them!!! :-)

PS. I should atleast get paid for the amount of effort it took to provide relevant links in this post! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ha-ha. Thank yo for mentionig the open book project - we hope it will pick up with more authors contributing. Don't know if we can afford your services, but if you have an iPod/iPhone, will give youa free copy of GMAT Club Apps for Apple iPhone. Contact me via PM on the forum (

Good Luck

gmat delhi said...

Oh wow! Never expected an actual response to this! Sent you a PM...awaiting a response!