Sunday, December 6, 2009

Practice test #2 (PR #1)

My best friend is in town so I spent the better half of my weekend with her. There was no time to study yesterday (Saturday), but I woke up at 6 am today and wrote my second practice test.
Princeton Review's CAT #1: 650 (Q-44, V-37).
Yes, I hadn't studied much as it is in the past few weeks, but I still took it, cos it's time I start taking practice tests every Sunday now.
Yes, my quant score remains the same as the last test. Though I did pace much better and finished the section comfortably. Accuracy was 84%.
Verbal was higher from earlier, which is a good sign. This time I tried to slow down (last time I went too fast), but at some point in the middle I felt like I had lost some time, so did a couple of questions quickly to make up for it. Got 2 wrong in this duration. Eventually, had more than 2 minutes remaining on the last question, an SC. Accuracy was 80%. But, I think I can do so much better in Verbal. This time, there was once again a damned RC in which I got 3/4 questions wrong! And this time I thought I got it, but I actually hadn't got it. Damn it!!! I'm beginning to think now that the RC strategy taught to me by PR may not be working out best for me. Maybe I am the sort of person who will read the passage carefully, and then get all RC questions right. Out of the 8 questions I got wrong on this section, FIVE were RC questions!!! 2 SC (one idiom), and 1 CR. This is so different from my GMATPrep test! CR was my weakness there. Hmmm...!

Anyway, I'll go through the wrong & guessed questions tomorrow. For today, I'm satisfied. I got better, and I'm confident I'm already capable of scoring much more in Verbal. I just need to fine tune my skills. Quant, however, needs a lot more practice. But I'll get there too. I'm confident. :-)

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