Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 hr to go to office 20 kms away, 1 hr 15 mins to come back. On an avg, how much time do I waste everyday?

Finished Distance, Speed & Time from a GMATClub post. The tabular representation method is brilliant. It saved me a lot of time, since I don't have to keep writing the different forms of the formula S=D/T for every component of the question. Am definitely using the table form from now on! :-)

Also went through the post on Work problems. Didn't require much effort since my concepts are pretty clear. The only issue I have here is the time I take to solve a question, if I only rely on my concept. I will need to practice a lot of Work problems, and probably revisit my TIME notes for shortcuts. Buit I will get back to this post my diagnostic test, as the diagnostic test is untimed. Plus, there is only a limit to how much I can do in every topic over the next 2 days. Yup, probably giving the test on Saturday. Should revise everything on Friday. Phew...

Update on P&C: went through most of the solved examples in RS Aggarwal, need to wrap up Combinations with the last few questions from the book. Once this is done, need to go back to the GMATClub Math book chapter on Probability and try solving those examples I was having trouble with.

As for Remainders, still need to speak to that friend regarding the questions from the link I did not understand.

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