Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The probability of my reading the new Artemis Fowl novel on the weekend is...

Went through Combinatorics and Probability chapters in GMATClub's Math Book. Combi was easy, but probability - there were some methods of solving examples that I couldn't grasp. I've done these topics in school, and I had a brilliant Math tutor who gave me pretty much all the tools required to solve questions of this type.

Am going to go through RS Aggarwal's Class XI book to revise my old way of solving these questions. Hopefully, I'll be able to solve the challenging examples from GMATClub's Math book after that.

Btw, am "working from home" today. Project is more or less done, have to put in around an hour's worth of my time on wrapping it up today. So thought it was best to stick around the house and wrap up Probability during the day...

I actually want to finish up and revise my theory by Friday evening or max Saturday, give the OG Diagnostic Test, and get to reading Atlantis Complex - the new Artemis Fowl novel! I did NOT buy it when I saw it in the book shop on Saturday, because I knew I'd want to read but I need to study now to make up for my loss of 3 weeks. Damn work!

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