Thursday, August 19, 2010

OG 12 Diagnostic - Quant

Scored Excellent in both PS and DS (got 20/24 right in each). Put in my answers in the Error Log. Had to combine an error log and a guide to OG12 to make my error log make sense (will post this on GMATClub once I'm done with OG12 I guess). Apparently, my accuracy in Geometry pulled down my score. And that could be because I studied Geo a couple of weeks before the test, and managed to just put in 2-3 hours of going through my FCs on the night before the test. Still, Geo's my strong point, so not glad to see this.

Will now try the questions I got wrong once again, without looking at the actual answer (although my previous answer choice will be POEd beforehand). Once I'm done, will go through explanations of all the questions I had issues with, and fill in whatever's remaining in the error log.


Dharanendra said...

Isn't that GMAT Diagnostic from OG should be taken without any preparation ?

gmat delhi said...

Yes, that's what they say. But I wanted to check if I had all the fundamentals committed to my memory before I started testing myself under timed conditions on OG 12 practice questions. The diagnostic, for me, was to check if I was capable of doing the questions correctly untimed.