Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of Diagnositcs, Parties, and Plans

OG12 Diagnostic Quiz - Quantitative section: DONE.
Since I took the test untimed, it took too much time. Was exhausting. Also had to take a break between PS and DS to finish off some work that came up during that time. So on Saturday, by the time it was 4:30 in the evening, I was exhausted, mentally as well as physically. Before the test, I had managed to go through all my FCs to recall all the concepts I had learnt till then. During the test, I kept Google and my FCs handy, since I did not want to mess up a question cos I forgot a formula. The purpose of the test was just that - to gauge my level of preparedness in terms of my ability to solve a question.

Although the test went well (will put up details on my score and error log as well as CPs later), it was very tiring. Took the rest of the day off from studies - partied at night :-) and stayed over at my cousin's. Didn't look at my books on Sunday and Monday as well.

Have stayed awake post 2 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday night. This has screwed up my sleep schedule just a teeny tiny bit. Will wake up at 5 am tomorrow onwards again. Have a plan ready for the next two weeks. Aim is to give the Verbal section of OG12's diagnostic this Saturday. Not much to prepare for that really. Will start with MGMAT SC guide post that test.

28th August - first Practice test of the season (since the 2 I gave end of last year pretty much don't count now, I guess...). Should it be Princeton Review's CAT #2? Shall be followed by more partying. :-)

Oooh! Also! I'm going to get "The Power" - the new book by Rhonda Byrne. It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?!

Oh, and I guess you'd want this update too. Finally got to read Artemis Fowl's latest book. Was good fun. although I think I might have outgrown it a bit.

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