Monday, December 20, 2010

42 days to go

Did the chapter on Time & Work from TIME (CAT) material. :) Feel a lot more confident about it!
Tomorrow I'll dig into averages/mixtures/alligations and then onto practicing all 3 topics (1st one being Time, Speed & Distance) from's CAT Prep questions.

I'm practicing Quant from randomly. Good way to stay in touch with all Math topics.

Not really in the mood to practice verbal at the moment. Want to get great at Math, or atleast confident about all the stuff - I knew at some point and have forgotten along the way/ I can do.

Have done my tables from 13-18, still need to do 19 and revise all of it. Then onto squares and cubes and fractions (to decimals). :)

I'm feeling happier by the day!

Off to catch up on Psych episodes now. :) hehe.

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