Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Apply in Round 3 or Round 1 in 2011?

Round 3 deadlines:

HBS: 31st March
Stanford GSB: 6th April
Chicago Booth: 13th April

Hmmm...I'm contemplating applying to these schools in Round 3. Anyone else think it's a good idea? Not sure of how I'll convince my bosses to write my recommendations though. They want me to apply in for Sept 2012 intake. Hmmm...might be a better option too since their recommendation letters will have a lot more positive stuff to stay by Round 1 of next admission intake session. Thoughts anyone???


MBA ROADIE said...

If cost of applying doesn't bother you, then I don't see any reason to apply in Round 3.

Linda Abraham said...

For my take on this question, please see .

Linda Abraham

Rachel Cavalier said...

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Please email me at and I will send it your way.


Anonymous said...

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