Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Planning & Executing

Got it, well...kind of. Alligations that it. Managed to find my old TIME notes, and went through quite a few questions from the book. Have a much better hang of averages too.

To Do:
  1. Have to do some more questions from that book for DST & Work.
  2. 19 tables (yes, still not done...should probably get to it NOW). FYI, learning my tables has really helped in calculating faster :) I loveeeee it!
  3. Go through my FCs.
Am giving practice tests from on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning (free access to all tests!). So I must revise all this math stuff. Friday morning, I might do some Verbal if I have time so that my Saturday morning test can be a Verbal one.

Sunday morning (26th) is TEST DAY. Someone might lend me Kaplan practice tests, so will def give one of those.

Happy studying till then!

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