Saturday, December 18, 2010

Easing My Way In

Spent quite some time on Grockit yesterday, doing Math problems. Just trying to ease myself back into the groove.

My official leave from work starts today. 1 month and 15 days to go for my date with the GMAT.

Today's To Do List:
1. Modifiers - MGMAT SC (revise chapter)
2. Math practice from Grockit
3. Begin theory review of TSD from TIME
4. Revise Speed Math strategies you've learnt till now
5. Do 1 new Speed Math chapter
6. Tables from 15 - 19 (yup, all...!)

I was also thinking today, I'm going to feel so odd not working for the next 1.5 months! I'm already missing work :( . Yes, I love my workplace, and I love the work we do, and I love helping someone out to finish a deadline, etc etc... I miss my people!

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