Saturday, December 25, 2010

GMATClub m#05

Again got 26/37 correct. This time percentile ranking was 45.2% 60.1% (for some reason, my percentile ranking just changed in that last 1 hour) - haha, I guess I did get a little better.

But I ran out of time on this test - had to pause in order to finish it. Yes, concentration was wavering.

Got frustrated with Probability and P&C questions - I really need to understand this topic before attempting any more questions. Maybe I should ask my school Math tutor if he'd help me out with this topic??? I'm seriously considering it now.

Incorrect Qs Summary:
Topic - No. of questions incorrect
Geo - 1
TSD - 1
Probability/P&C - 2
Inequalities - 1
Number Properties/Is x divisible by y type - 6!


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