Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Practice Test #5 (#3 in second round)

Got a 670 (Q47 V35) score on PowerPrep#1. Had a major pacing problem on verbal, had to guess atleast 4-5 questions randomly in the end. No repeats on Quant. but did encounter around 1 CR, 1-2 RC from OG12. But had to rework these questions cos they were difficult/long ones anyway, so don't think it skewed my score. Normally I finish Verbal with time left on my hands, but I think i got really tired - did AWA sections also.
I plan on completing leftover OG12 questions by 31st Dec and give 2 more GMATClub Math tests on 1st Jan. I am NOT doing any more questions from Grockit, because I felt I had seen similar questions on Grockit that I saw on PowerPrep today, or questions that just really helped me figure out the answer quickly.

Anyone think I should buy PowerScore CR bible? Yet to look at my accuracy on PowerPrep so I'll update in the evening once i'm through putting in everything in my error log.
Feeling good with the Q47 though...looks like practice really helps. And I'm confident that i have a large potential to increase my verbal score...so i'm hoping for the best!

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