Monday, January 3, 2011

GMATClub m#03, m#17, OG12 (PS&DS)...phew.

Multiple updates are in order!
Day n-4
Did 20 PS and 20 DS questions (timed). Got a little better.
Got 2 wrong in PS and 6 wrong in DS.
Gotta re-review those damn DS questions...seems like concepts are a lot more important than I expected.

Day n-3 & n-2
Ummm...mainly partied and lazed around. I know, not good considering I have GMAT in less than a month, but :p

Day n-1
Took m#03 test from GMATClub (1st Jan 2011). Got 21/37 correct, which is terrible. But when I went through the explanations, I wasn't convince with quite a few. Need to post these on GMATClub forums and hopefully, I'll figure out why I went wrong.

Day n (today)
Took m#17 from GMATClub. Got 28/37 correct, which is a good improvement. Still need to review these.

And damnnnn! I have not put things into one single consolidated error log in very long. I really think I need to do this in order to figure what my improvement areas in Quant. Anyone want to do it for me? :) I'll pay you! Hehe...gotta rush now. So much to be done!

GMAT Love!

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>> I *know* I'll ace the GMAT!

Love the confidence, sirji.

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