Monday, January 10, 2011

Last 3 days, last 3 weeks.

MGMAT SC - Comparisons. Check.
MGMAT SC - Advanced: Verbs & Comparisons. Check.
Buy OG Verbal & Quant Supplements. Check.
30 questions from Quant supplement. Check.
Complete SC from OG12. Almost done.
Complete RC from OG12. Almost done.
10 CR questions from Verbal supplement. Check.
Forget how to do CR and RC questions well due to lack of practice over last few days. Check.

Damn it!

Going to do 1 more SC Chapter from MGMAT today. Then review all DS questions I've gotten wrong in OG12. Then review my Flashcards.

Set to give MGMAT Practice Test tomorrow morning. (Who's waking me up at 6?)

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