Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OG12 Quant - Check.

Did the remaining questions from OG12 quant section today. Got 11/14 right in DS & 9/11 right in PS. Need to review these now.

Also looked at my error log for Quant (from OG12 only), and my accuracy on most Number Properties topics is 80-83%. Hmmm...what can I do to improve? Not really inclined towards buying MGMAT NP book, not sure if I have time to go through an entire book for Quant. Plan on buying OG Quant & Verbal Supplements today.

Plan of Attack:
1. Quant -
Number Properties & Geometry : Review flashcards, review questions I got wrong in OG12, target practice on BTG account. Should I also pick questions from OG Quant from these topics and do only those for target practice?

2. Verbal -
SC: Complete remaining SC questions from OG12, go through MGMAT SC guide again in conjunction with OG12 and OGV this time, and thoroughly understand and retain everything...*sigh*
CR: Continue practicing from OGV.
RC: Finish from OG12 and move onto OGV.

So...that's pretty much the whole plan for the remaining 26 days now. Will try giving 2 practice tests every week, and let's see where this goes.

Only possible addition to this could be buying and going through PowerScore CR bible, if I feel like my accuracy is not up to mark in OGV CR questions practice. And OG11 questions (those not in OG12) if I have the time.

I should make a plan on how to spread this out evenly over the next 26 days.

Good luck to those of you who have your GMAT date around the corner!


Update: Reviewed incorrect answers from OG12 questions done today. Mostly careless errors, one beautiful question.

So, GMAT Math is truly not difficult. It just requires a calm mind, some determination to find the correct answer through plain and simple logic. The trap only lies in the limited time given. Need to find a way to balance out these two. :)

And another update: Lucky much? I got 16/17 SC questions correct from OG12. I seem to have greater accuracy in more difficult questions! What's up?!

Well, atleast I'll sleep with a smile on my face tonight. :)
Reviewed all 17 - needed to check if the reason why I got them correct was indeed the reason why the answer is correct. Seem to be doing fine at the moment.

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