Thursday, January 6, 2011

Practice Test - Kaplan - 620

620 on Kaplan test.
Q - 40 (12 incorrect)
V - 35 (16 incorrect)

I had a massive pacing problem on Quant.
I got frustrated with confusing questions, in which I couldn't figure out what the hell they were saying!
I got further frustrated with my slow pace.
This further affected my ability to answer questions I could've answered otherwise.
By the end of it, I guessed on the last 5 questions. Yes, I did that.

I ended up starting the Verbal section without taking a break, by mistake. I did not know how to pause the test, so continued anyway.
I underestimated the amount of time left, so I rushed through 2 RC passages (yes, literally glanced through them).
At question 31, I realised I have 20+ minutes remaining. For some reason, I thought to myself - hey! I have DOUBLE the time left (for some reason, I thought 1 minute per question is what I needed!). So I went slow with the next few questions, guessed it! I had to guess on the last question.

Damn it!

This is a Kaplan 2007 CD with 4 tests on it. I took CAT #2. I am never touching another test from this CD again. There are spelling mistakes, confusssssssing questions. Argh! I know that's not the only thing that harmed my score today, and that keeping my cool in such a situation is what'll get me through on test day. But today, I just wanted to kill someone! I hated going through the test. And I usually quite enjoy it.

I want more official tests. None of this crap. :(
Can't I give ONLY official adaptive tests for the next 3 weeks? :(

Ok ok...on a more serious & calmer note - I really need to be able to pace better on the WHOLE test. I feel like I know so much, and with careful deliberation I will be able to get most of my answers right. I need to feel the way I felt when I was giving those practice questions from OG12 these last few days. So calm, methodical...yes, that's the way I need to feel.

On my next practice exam, I think I should try answering questions in a quick yet calm manner, and probably every 7th or 8th question, take a random guess if I see that the amount of time remaining is lesser than according to plan. That way, I keep my cool, and also answer all the questions I try solving. Down side is obviously that I may guess on questions I could've gotten right in under 2 minutes, but I really think I should try this out and see if it can help on my test. What do you guys think? Any other strategies to pace better?

PS. My accuracy in RC was terrible (as was expected), and was quite good in CR (getting better at taking apart the argument). In Math, Word Problems had the lowest accuracy, and Geometry the highest! But, co-ordinate plane DS questions really get to me, because all that I know are the formulas. I need to get some insight into this.

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