Saturday, January 15, 2011

Practice Test - GMATPrep - 720

GMATPrep #1.
720 (Q47 V42) - with AWA (most of my practice tests are with AWA - FYI). to know that the 740 on MGMAT last time was not a fluke. I guess I did get better over the last 1 month.

Q47 - 13 incorrect (9 DS, 4 PS - obv DS seems to be the problem.)
V42 - 6 incorrect (1 CR, 5 SC!!! Hmmm...SC needs a lot more work.)

Now, my problem is Q47. I thought us Indians were supposed to find this section easy? Hmmm...
Plan of attack:
1. Review Math section of last 2 tests and see which category of Math questions need to be handled. Do questions from these categories from OG12 and OGQ (using MGMAT's OG Tracker excel sheet).
2. Finish all Quant questions from OGQ, going through answer explanations for EACH AND EVERY question, even if you got it right (need to figure out quicker ways to solve questions, especially DS - where I end up plugging in too many numbers and am confused by the end of it). - THIS REALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE!

3. Review which SC category questions I got wrong in last 2 tests. See what kind of mistakes I made.
4. Revise SC chapters from MGMAT guide, and also continue going through it like I have been in the last few days.
5. Continue to do CR & RC questions, and understanding why you're getting it wrong from OGV (and some RCs in OG12).


Good luck to the rest of you...
And 800, here I commmmmeeeeee! :)


MissionGMAT said...

Wow!!! Great score. Believe you are peaking at the right time. With little more effort, I guess you will sail past the 750 barrier.

Happy studying and good luck with your preparation.

gmat delhi said...

Thanks! I'm trying to target weak areas now, and consolidate what i've learnt till now. Let's see!

Mark Wong said...

Nice results on your GMAT Prep. Good luck on the test!

preeti said...

Nice Post. To crack GMAT exam with good score is never easy. But not impossible. Students should concentrate on weaker sections and give extra time in problem solving techniques.

Best Regards
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