Thursday, January 6, 2011

GMATNinja power required :(

Guys, I must admit. I'm feeling quite demotivated after this morning's practice test. I thought this test was going to be a breeze (didn't want to think otherwise, because it would've created a lot of stress on my mind). I feel like I need someone to help me out. Like, a tutor. But, where do you find a good one in Delhi? And this will sound odd, but I don't want a tutor to help me with content. I just need someone to guide me through the process - tell me when it's time to switch gears to Verbal, how much more to work on CR, if pacing or stress is my problem on the test. You know, all these little things. I've sent an email to GMATNinja tutor Charles Bibilos. I don't know if he, or anyone else will be willing to help out with this. Hmmm...keep your fingers crossed.

I need to shake this feeling off. Any ideas on how to do it? I don't think sitting in front of the TV with a dozen chocolates is helping!

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